To wrap up my event season for 2008, I took Flyer and Val to Waredaca and Rubicon. Flyer is going through a developmental phase, he is learning to
come in better balance and his gaits are getting much better. It is evident in Dressage as he is scoring 6-8 points better. However, I have lost him a bit for jumping. He hasn't quite figured out how to carry that balance up and over jumps. So the first part of xc hasn't been pretty. Then he gets going and has been great. I know we have work to do over the winter. I'm pleased with the results so far. He will be a much improved horse when he starts out next year!

Val was great both times out. He was second after Dressage at each event. At Waredaca, he thought the wavy panels in stadium needed a second look! He was super on cross country and finished 5th. At Rubicon he became a little distracted coming the the second fence and had a rare rail. Once again he was super on cross country. Unfortunately we were a bit slow! I'm not sure how that happened; he felt like he was going at a good Novice speed. When I asked people later they said we didn't look like we were going slow. I looked at my watch after the second to last fence, uh oh! I hustled as much as I could but didn't make the time, drat! Ended up in 6th, so still not bad! Val is no longer for sale as his owner has descended to keep him!

In an effort to keep my expenses down as low as possible I won't be having this page updated until the start of the season next year. Hope everyone has a
good break and fingers crossed this winter is a mild one!

Until February or March!




We had a great time at Fair Hill. The weather was perfect, which is something I don't get to say too often! It stayed cool and dry.

Polar was in the two-star. He had a pretty good Dressage test, I think I've gotten the warm up routine and timing figured out! Now we just need to work on improving the score over the winter! As this was the first time a two-star was held at Fair Hill, we didn't know what the xc course would look like. It was beautiful, very well designed and a true two-star. Polar was fantastic! He jumped everything extremely well. There was plenty of gallop room and I was able to work on going faster, and we stayed in the single digits for time penalties, which is an improvement for me! After seeing what was going on in the barns after xc let me tell you, I'm so glad to have a young and sound horse. I almost felt like I should be doing more than hand grazing and polticing his legs! But no need as he jogged beautifully the next morning. The stadium was all either big airy verticals or huge square oxers but Polar was jumping out of his skin! Unfortunately I got him slightly under powered to an oxer and he hit the back rail. Totally my rail, easily fixed!

It was a fun week and I'm thrilled with how Polar went. Now I can work on getting qualified for a three-star! As always huge thanks to my Mom who came out from Colorado to attend the event with me. It was great to have her help and to be able to stock up on things like socks and food!

Two more events left for the season. Check back to see how they go!




I took Majestic Valley (Val) to the Maryland Horse Trials today to compete in BN. He didn't see the point in waking up enough for Dressage. It was a bit warm today and he is fuzzy! He jumped very well in Stadium and Cross Country going double clear in both. He finished in second place!! Next time out, he will move up to Novice level.

Polar gets his hair shaved off tomorrow in preparation for his next three day. My Mom is flying in on Monday and we head up to Fair Hill on Tuesday! I'm looking forward to it. This will be the closest thing to a vacation I get - one horse, a phase a day and since my Mom will be here I'll have help and food!




A mere 5 1/2 months after he went into work and only 4 1/2 months after his first event ever, Irish Moon Dance is a one-star horse!!! He was a star the entire time at Morven. While his Dressage test didn't score very well, he did perform the best test that he can do at this point.

Irish isn't the fastest horse, and we did get time on steeplechase - we were only 6 seconds over though! I wasn't sure how close I would get so I was happy with that. Unfortunately he did pull a shoe, and we had a lot of time to make up after a spare was put on so we had to trot most of Phase C. He jogged well in the box and off we went to the fun part. He was just super!! Very green and he did get tired, but he kept trying and jumping well. We did have a glance off at a hard angle line - as I was the third horse on course, I didn't have the benefit of learning from others that it was better to go long there! However, with the time penalties on steeplechase and xc, I don't think it would have effected our final placing that much.

Irish Moon Dance at the Morven Park CCI*

He again jogged well Sunday morning. I wasn't sure how he would feel for stadium and was a bit worried that he would be tired and we might go bowling! Didn't have to worry about that at all - he was full of energy and very forward. In fact, we did a six stride line in five! I could have made him do it in six but I was pretty sure he would have the rail. He only touched one jump, which did come down. Everything else he jumped extremely well over!!

We are very proud of Irish. He tried very hard and did his best and that's all anyone can ask. He has come so far in a very short amount of time. I don't think too many horses can go from standing in the pasture for several months with only foxhunting experience to successfully completing a one-star in 5 months!! Morven was bittersweet for me as it was my last competition with him. Irish will be following his owner, Kim, to Arizona next month. She plans to event him and I'm sure he will clean up out there! Once I get all of his pictures I'll put them on the competition page. Check back later this month as they should be up by then!

Featuring Abigail at the FEH Championships

Almost forgot! I took Featuring Abigail to the FEH Championships on Wednesday. She was also a little star! It was her first time off property in any type of situation like that. There were workmen laying gravel on the road behind the ring which made things interesting for all the babies! Poor things, it was a bit too much simulation, but Abbey was great. She placed third in the yearling filly class. Probably could have placed second if I could have gotten her to walk better. We were happy with how she did. Afterwards, she even stood in the trailer so well that we were able to leave her to take advantage of the free food! She was very well behaved for a yearling at her first show! She is going to be stunning once she grows up!




Just a quick update - I took Val to the Maryland Short Course yesterday and he won!! He went Novice and was super, leading from the start with a lovely dressage test, improving drasticly in a week to score a 26! He went on to jump clear making it seem easy. I also did a stadium round at BN and Novice. He jumped really well both times.

This is going to be a crazy week. I'm taking Featuring Abigail to Moven on Wednesday for the FEH. Irish is heading over on Thursday for the one-star. I feel like I've been ridding Irish for a lot longer than I have. I counted it up yesterday - it's only been 5 1/2 months and here he is headed for a one-star!




Sorry it's been awhile since my last update. My groom Regina had her baby on the first (a girl, congrats!!), which was good news, but leaves me by myself with all the horses! Needless to say, I've been extremely busy and am exhausted by the end of the day. I think I'm still awake enough to write something up that makes sense!

I've also been busy competing the past three weekends. First weekend of the month I was at Seneca. Wasn't the best weekend due in part to Tropical Storm Hannah. I got up early on Saturday to get Irish and Flyer all braided and studded up. It wasn't raining when I left and I thought we might have missed it. Ha, what a nice thought that was. The radio kept telling that that i shouldn't be out if it wasn't totally necessary! And what were we crazy eventers doing? Hauling to an event, of course. It was the wettest I've been in a long time. All that was accomplished that day was that Irish did his Dressage test. After that the rain really came down and the rest of the day was rescheduled for Sunday. Poor Flyer never even made it off the trailer!

So, another super early morning, and off we went again. This time I didn't braid Flyer. I wasn't about to get up earlier than 2:30! Irish jumped well in stadium. Unfortunately, the lighting was funky at an oxer in the woods and I had a hard time getting us to it just right and Irish ended up slipping before it. It rattled him and he was backed off after that. Stupid Tropical Storm - messing things up! Flyer made up for the early mornings - he had a good Dressage and followed that up with a clear Stadium. Other than wanting another look at a huge down bank, he was great on cross country. He's almost ready for Prelim!

The next weekend I headed down to Five Points with Polar and Irish. Dressage day was interesting... poor Polar received a score that he absolutely didn't deserve. He was tense but obedient, had clean changes and was accurate. I was shocked when I saw his score, and still didn't understand why when I read over the comments on the test. But oh well, c'est la vie. With Irish, I started off doing the wrong test and didn't know the one we were meant to be doing! Fortunately I was able to go at a later time and get it done correctly! Irish was probably wondering what was going on! He did his best and got a decent score.

I went to this event determined not to have any stops on cross country. I kept telling myself throughout the course, stay committed - be aggressive. It
worked! Both the boys were great! Irish was back to his confident self, which I was thrilled to see after Seneca. Polar was awesome. There were two hard corner combinations and I knew if I didn't get over it the first time, I probably wouldn't at all! When I felt him waver a bit, I dug in and didn't give up and he was great! So we had our first clear at Advanced!!! He made those big jumps seem easy!

They both looked great the next morning. Irish show jumped really well. There was a hard line in stadium - a six or seven stride bending line, one stride,
tight four stride. After watching how tight the four could be I wanted to do the bending line in seven to make the four easier. Unfortunately, that didn't work! He ended up having the one stride down. That line just didn't ride very well in any of the levels. Polar show jumped really well as well, but had two rails down, not sure why because he felt great. All in all, it was a great weekend - Irish got his last qualifier for the one-star at Morven, and it was a great last run for Polar before the two-star at Fair Hill.

Yesterday, I went to Marlborough Horse Trials. The main reason was to get a sale horse out, but I didn't want to drive that far for one horse so I managed to scrounge up enough money to enter Josie as well. I was glad I did, as she was super! I was especially thrilled that she didn't flip out when I mounted because this has been our main problem! She had a lovely Dressage test, scoring a 26!! She show jumped really well. Unfortunately she did have a rail, which was my fault. She was also great on Cross Country. I've been jumping her in a hackmore at home and this was the first time I competed her in it. While we need to do some fine tuning, she was much better in it. I was kicking myself for the rail as it cost her the win! A pink ribbon is still pretty though!

Majestic Valley at his first event.

I took my new sale horse Majestic Valley, aka Val, to his first event. He was super as well! He looked great all braided and fancy. He had a great Dressage test, scoring a 33. After the third fence on stadium the light bulb went on and he was great! But Cross Country was where he really shined. He is a lot of fun to ride! Someone needs to hurry up and buy this horse - he is awesome!!

I'll be picking it up another notch as I head into the upcoming three-days. I thought I was busy before - hopefully Regina will be back soon! Doing everything by myself is hard work; I've been spoiled by not having to do the stalls everyday! Not sure when I'll get around to the next update. I'll try not to let it go as long so I don't end up writing a book! Wish the gray Irish boys luck at the three-days! I'll make sure to stay committed on cross country and give them good rides!




I had a great time at Millbrook - it was my first trip there and I hope to go back! It is an extremely well run event with lovely courses and I was happy to find that it even has some atmosphere. Of course any event that has free coffee in the morning and beer in the evening is great!

Polar and I had a good go in the Advanced. He got a little distracted in dressage, but tried his best and we ended up in sixth place. Overall cross country went really well. I feel like I'm right on the edge of being able to get the really good canter that we need at this level. Stadium was big and twisty. Polar jumped extremely well and was one of only three to go double clear. Once we get some details ironed out he is going to be competitive!

Irish was good as well. He didn't feel like doing dressage, but considering how far he's come in a short amount of time he's due an off day! He was great on
cross country, confident and jumping everything in stride. Now if he would just learn to open up his stride and move on in between the jumps! He also show jumped really well. Unfortunately, the one jump he slightly tapped was barely in the cups! I was happy with him though - three qualifiers down, one more to go!

I have the rest of this month off from eventing. I might not know what to do with myself. Well, that was silly of me - I have tons to do and will be working as always! However, It will be nice to not have to do any long drives until Five Points. I've gotten spoiled living on the East coast - back home we used to drive 6 to 8 hours for a Beginner Novice course!




While Stuart didn't go as well as I would have like it was a good learning weekend. And one really good thing is that it was a lot cooler in NY than VA!

Katie and Polar

Polar was on the verge of having a really good dressage test, but then he got into his old neighing habit. Ah, just when you think they are all grown up! Parts of the test were really good though. We would have broken into the 50's if I had left from the correct letter for the canter diagonal! One of those movements where it's hard to break habit. The two-star xc course was tough. One of the hardest I've seen, including Advanced courses! But, overall I was thrilled with how Polar felt. And I'm getting better about not being so slow and kept up a good pace for most of the course - and those parts of the course went beautifully. The two fences that I got Polar slightly underpowered to didn't go so well. By the time we got the the "B" element Polar had nothing to jump out of. I was disappointed in myself for not giving him a better ride. But I learned a lot and am determined not to make that mistake again! Polar has become much more ridable and I need to trust that fact. The good part is Polar was great - I'd rather it be my fault we didn't end up on the top!

Katie and Irish

Irish tried really hard in dressage and did the best he can at this point. His course was also tough, he was very green yet handled it well. Towards the end he started getting tired and two skinnys caught us out. I was still happy with him, considering he had done his first event just over two months prior! He tried his best and gained valuable experience. It rained the night before and morning morning of stadium. As warm-up was muddy and slick, I decided to warm-up early when it was quieter. I didn't feel like dealing with any bolting in that footing! So we did end up walking around for a while before we actually jumped the course. Irish had two rails down early, then woke up and jumped the rest of the course really well.

So, it was a good experience and both Irish and I learned a lot. All of us will be better next time out - which is next weekend at Millbrook. I've never been there before but have heard good things, so I'm looking forward to it!




I had several successful rides at The Maryland Horse Trials this weekend. Irish had a greatly improved dressage test, scoring a 35 which landed him in 6th place! He has come along way in the very short amount of time he's been with me. Once his muscling gets better, he'll be able to win! He show jumped great, with just one rail down due to some cross cantering. It turned out to be a good school for him as he didn't want to touch anything after that! He was super on cross country. It was bigger and tougher than Surefire, but he handled it well and was clear. Now he just needs to learn how to gallop! I'm thrilled with how he has taken to everything - he's only going to get better and better with time.

Josie was able to go out competing again as she took the spot of a horse that sold. Aside from trying to buck me off when I mounted, she was super. Who knew the time I spent galloping racehorses would come in handy as much as it has! Since I learned to jump on the young race horses, I'm able to get in the saddle quicker and have a chance during her wild moments! Once she gets over herself, she's lovely and so she went on to win the Dressage by 2 points! Her transitions still need a lot of work, but once that gets smoothed out we'll be able to increase that margin. She is such a good mover and very fancy, so we can get away with some bobbles at this level. She jumped really well, making light work of the courses and ended up winning her division!! She is defiantly a star for the future. Hopefully I'll be able to take her out again this fall so she can move up!

The beginning of this upcoming week is becoming a bit insane. Polar, Irish, and I are then heading up to Stuart on Thursday. I'm really looking forward to this - - Stuart is one of my favorite events, and it will also be a bit of a break for me. I have late rides, and two horses doing a phase a day. Ah, there will be down time and no early mornings! Well, maybe on Sunday as I'll have to get Polar ready for the jog - but hopefully even that will not be too early!




Aside from the Dressage, the horses and I had a great weekend at Surefire. Fortunately we are Eventers and are really there for the jumping! Polar went Intermediate to have an good warm up for the rest of the year. He jumped super and was clear in stadium and xc. He was definitely happy to be back competing and was full of himself on xc!

Irish did his first Prelim! Keep in mind he was standing around in a field just a short two and a half months ago and this was his fourth event ever!! He also jumped really well and was clear in stadium. I was thrilled with how he felt on xc. I just missed the line coming off the bank to the corner, otherwise he was perfect! For such an inexperienced horse he is coming along really well! I'm excited about this year with him.

Flyer went Training and put in a good performance as well - clear in stadium and xc. Unfortunately we incurred time on xc due to a dog getting loose and chasing us for three fences! I was hoping we would out run him or he would give up at some point. Flyer could have cared less but it was very distracting to me as the thing keep running in front of us and I didn't want to run him over. I eventually had to pull up so someone could grab it. I probably could have protested it but he wasn't in high enough of a placing and without someone actually timing it I didn't think it would go over. Oh well, important thing is Flyer jumped well!



Sorry for the delay in an update but this has been an interesting month, full of ups and downs. It started off well with Flyer, Irish, Josie, and Indy competing at Waredaca. Despite the thunder storms causing a few delays, Flyer and Irish both put in good performances in Training. This was Irish's first full event. He had one rail down in stadium and made light work of cross country, while Flyer jumped clear in stadium and cross country. Due to the footing they both had time on cross country, but I was pleased with how they went. Flyer has really improved over the past year and Irish is a lot of fun!

Josie and Indy both went Novice. Indy once again had a good go. Josie was more settled than at the Short Course. She had a great dressage and followed that up by jumping clear in stadium and xc to finish 5th!! I'm excited about her career. I'm not sure how much she will do this year. Depends on what the bank account will allow!


A few days later I was working on breaking in a two year old when he spun around and kicked - double barreled and caught me right in the hand. How I wish this client would put a round pen in at his farm! More than likely my hand did break, all the signs point towards it, but I found a way to wrap it up so I could keep riding. I was a little worried about going to Rubicon that weekend, but I jumped Irish and all was ok, so off we went! Needless to say I wasn't riding up to normal and it really showed in Dressage as we were last! Haven't had that happen before! Irish was a trooper in stadium and xc. He is still very new to all of this and I wasn't able to help him out much. He had a green stop at the water where I just wasn't able to get him packaged. Otherwise he was great! Rubicon is a big course and he handled it well for his second Training combined with my one hand steering!

The following weekend I took both Flyer and Irish to Seneca to run in Training. My hand was feeling better. Irish scored a 33, 9 points better than at Waredaca. Flyer was right behind him with a 34. Unfortunately a storm rolled in and the remainder of Training was canceled. That was a disappointment; with the high price of diesel I wasn't happy to travel that distance to just do Dressage! But Mother Nature is something we can't control.

For the really down of the month - Phyllis's barn was struck by lightening and burned down. Fortunately, they were able to get all of the horses out - no one was hurt, including the barn cats! They are picking up the pieces and starting to move forward. It is great to see how the eventing community is coming together to help out. A barn fire is everyone's worst nightmare, to see the damage in person is very scary and sad. I'm so thankful all that was lost can be replaced. If you are able to donate any equipment or can help with the barn fund contact Phyllis to see what you can do!


Hopefully the rest of the month will be more normal! I go back out at Surefire with Polar, Irish, and Flyer. My hand is getting better every day and hopefully I should be totally back to normal by then!





This month has been light competition wise. MCTA was held over the first weekend of May, and Polar and I went Advanced there. He tried really hard in dressage and was the most relaxed he has been this year. I thought he felt good, but I was still shocked to see our score - a 25!! I was speechless for a while. It was his personal best. He went on to show jump clear, but unfortunately he didn't get fired up for cross country. By the third fence I was thinking, hmmm... something just doesn't feel right. After an uncharacteristic runout at a ditch and then tapping the table I decided to call it a day. It was disappointing but better to come off sound and sane and try again another day. We've been having fun this month since then, he feels back to his normal enthusiastic self. We'll be ready to put all three phases together when we start back this summer!

The other two boys had a good event. Indy (In Reality) went Novice. He thought it was too hot and became a bit lazy for Dressage scoring a 32. He went on to once again jump double clear both stadium and cross country and finished third. I need to get him out schooling so he can move up! High Flyer went Training, his dressage is really improving and he scored a 31. His stadium is improving as well - he jumped great only tapping out the last jump. He still moved up two places with the rail! He was an easy ride around cross country jumping clear to finish third as well.



Last weekend (17/18) was a bunch of firsts - I took three horses out to their first competitions! Saturday was the Maryland Short Course. I had Kim Pribble's lovely eight year old Irish Sport Horse, Irish Moon Dance, aka Irish, as well as my Manor Queen, aka Josie, both doing Novice. Irish was great, he put in a nice Dressage test. Getting that big body to bend in a small sand box was a bit hard at times, but we managed and scored a 32. The jumping was way too easy for him. By the second fence I was wishing we had a bigger jump in front of us! His clear jumping moved us up to claim the win!! He is a really cool horse and I have the ride through at least the end of June. He'll go to a few Trainings and hopefully move up to Prelim at Surefire.


Josie was great as well - after she realized she wasn't back at the track she settled down and went to work! She also went well in Dressage to score a 31. I wasn't sure how jumping would go. She is still really green and has only gone Cross Country twice, once last fall and once last week! There was a big bank out of water - I hadn't jumped her up a bank that big and never jumped her over one out of water! I wanted to trot the first fence, because I was thinking that she is green and I wanted to give her a little more time to see what was going on. She was not happy with that decision - ok, we are cantering all the jumps! She went around with ease and was super with the bank! She finished in second place. I'm excited to see what her future will bring!

Sunday I took Arthur to Sandstone for a combined test. He performed much better than expected. He cantered a 20 meter circle and stayed in the ring! Stadium was bigger than I thought it would be. I don't think I've even schooled him that big, at least not a full course! He was green but really willing. There were a few tight turns that I didn't fully make and had to angle a few jumps. He didn't care and jumped really well coming away with third!

Indy, Flyer, and Arthur are all for sale. All three are nice young horses who are ready to make someone a great partner!

I have this weekend off from competing. I might actually try to take the weekend off. I say try as I've been attempting to take a weekend off since March! June will be a busy competition month. Then I start hauling all over the East Coast with Polar. Wish there were Advanced events in the area!




Wow, time does fly when you are having fun! It's about time I get around to writing an update - I have a lot to report!

At the beginning of the month Melissa and I headed down to NC again for The Fork Horse Trials. I was a bit stressed heading into the event as this was Polar and my move up to Advanced! I had a great panic on Wednesday when I figured out at 4 p.m. that I was due to do dressage on Thursday instead of Friday!! Fortunately my time was late enough that it didn't cause a huge problem, I just had to leave earlier than I thought I'd have to - not a great way to start out! I wasn't the only one who didn't know that they were holding some of the Advanced dressage on Thursday. I over head another rider who'd had to leave at midnight in order to make her ride time.

After we drove down and unpacked it started to rain, and rain it did. At one point I tipped my head down and water poured off of my top hat. Despite all the nasty weather, Polar put in a decent test. He did get into his neighing routine again, mostly because he didn't have any time to get settled in because of our late start. We had some really good moments though, and I was pleased with him.

The rain kept up through the night and into Friday and Saturday. They made the decision to switch stadium and cross country day. The footing in stadium was wonderful and held up well. Polar jumped great and put in one of the few clear jumping rounds with only a second over time.

Going into Sunday morning we still weren't sure what was going to happen with cross country. Melissa and I watched some of the Prelim and the CIC3*-W go. The footing seemed to be pretty good. So I suited Polar up with the biggest studs I have ever used and off we went. Polar was amazing and jumped his very best - better than I have ever felt him. He was so confident and ridable! Going into the 3rd water he jumped in big and I decided we needed to circle, so we incurred a technical refusal. But, Polar thinks he was clear and that is what matters!

I was thrilled with Polar's overall performance - and we are now an Advanced pair!!! It was so much fun and I can't wait for the rest of the year! I still remember breaking him and the first time I sat on his back. He has come a long way and has really grown up over the past year - I'm so proud of him!

Also, thanks Emily Daily for letting me use the great photos!

The most popular person at The Fork - especially on Sunday - was Phil, who operated the tractor. Due to the rain and the clay soil, the stable area was a mess. He had to pull every single rig out of the place. He was very helpful and stayed in good spirits. The whole crew at The Fork was great. It was a nice event and they did a great job with whatever the weather threw at them. I hope to make it back next year!

Katie, Phil and a LOT of mud!

The following weekend I took High Flyer and In Reality to a schooling event at Elysian Hills for their first outing of the year. They both put in good performances, even though the footing was disappointing for all three phases. In dressage, I had to worry about keeping them on their feet instead of showing them to their best ability. But it was a good day for them; Flyer finished third in Training, and once again Indy finished on his dressage score. I don't know where he placed as I left before Novice was finished. They are both fun horses. They are offered for sale, but in the mean time I'll keep playing with them!

Last weekend I took Polar up to Fair Hill for the CIC2*. He was tense again for dressage, it's really tough to keep him relaxed. The ground for cross country was actually on the hard side so as I was there for a qualifying score, and not to be competitive, I didn't push for time. Polar jumped a nice clear round. He show jumped beautifully on Sunday to put in on the of few double clear rounds, which moved us up to 8th. Phew, that qualifier is out of the way! We will go back at Advanced the next time out.

The event season is well under way now. Three are going with several more due to make their debut in May or June. I have a really nice group of horses in the barn. This year should be a fun one!





My event season is officially underway! My good friend Melissa Hunsberger, her mare Expedience, Polar and I went down to North Carolina for the Southern Pines Horse Trials. We were so ready for warm weather and we got it! It was a beautiful weekend with sunny skies and temps the 70's! I even started to get a bit of a tan... of course it is already starting to fade.

Polar was better in dressage than I thought he would be. In years past he has gotten a bit distracted and neighs a lot the first time out. He didn't seem to think about it this time out - nice that he is growing up! I still need to work on his relaxation, but it's getting there. We placed 7th, only 5 points behind first. Most of the places ahead of us were held by three/four star combinations, so i was glad to see we can hold our own!

Cross country was great fun - we remembered how to run and jump! Polar felt very confident and was happy to be back at it. As it was his first time out, we had tons of time penalties - after making sure he was switched on, I just let him cruise around the course. Also didn't help that we took two "scenic tours" due to his early season spookiness, but that too is getting better. Of course in true Polar fashion, he spooked as we passed a jump pushed to the side right on the other side of the finish line and I momentarily thought we were going to go through the ropes! Somehow, to Polar, jumps turn into horse eating monsters when we have to go past them instead of over them - sometimes it amazes me that he actually jumps at all!

The rails were falling in all divisions for stadium. Unfortunately the same was true for our round. Polar had three easy rails - he barely touched the things. Overall he jumped really well and I was happy with how the weekend went. Polar is really growing up and everything is coming together. Melissa and Expedience had a good weekend as well, placing 6th in the Advanced.

The four of us are heading back to NC this weekend for The Fork. We are already ready for another vacation and warmer weather! I'm really excited and can't wait to get back down there. Only three days to go - check back to see how it goes!

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