"A huge thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way! Success in this sport takes a lot of support from a lot of people. I would like to dedicate this page to thanking a few special friends who continue to play a major role in my eventing!"

-- Katie

Thomas and Donna Willis
Tom and Donna are Katie's parents. They live on their farm, Wil-Do-Acres, in Cortez, Colorado. They are Katie's biggest supporters and fans and she couldn't do all this without them! They make it to the bigger events and Katie is always happy to see them and to have her favorite grooms back! Tom is an anesthesiologist in Shiprock, New Mexico and Donna keeps the farm running smoothly and takes care of the retired event horses. Donna also raises Nubian goats and has several National Championships.


Nancy Naville

Owner of Foxcote Farm. TNE's home base! The place is stunning and we are so lucky she opened up her home to us!



Past and current: Mary Walhood, Teresa Scott, Guenter Hardt, Phyllis Dawson, Susan Gustafson, Lauren Sprieser, Stephen Bradley, Wanja Gerlach, Sally Cousins

Steve Mayer
Steve is Katie's farrier. The horses have wonderful feet thanks to the great work Steve does!

Dr. Sean Bowman
Sean is a vet with Piedmont Equine Practice. He keeps all the horses healthy and sound!





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